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Funeral Home Partner Program

When a death occurs, the funeral home and funeral director are normally the first point of contact for a grieving family. The occupational role of the funeral director has evolved over time from a person who simply buries the dead to one who combines this historical role with additional services, products and support. Today’s consumer desire the convenience of simplifying the task at hand. Grieving families who have experienced the death of a loved one or close friend are no different.

Rudez Granite & Bronze has established close working relationships with a multitude of funeral homes in and around the Pittsburgh region. Funeral homes that participate in our Partner Program realize the importance of servicing their families every step of the way while, at the same time, gaining a competitive edge over others. Most important, the customer is reassured that they have selected a full-service funeral home that has not left them to handle this important decision on their own.

The ability to customize a Partner Program is probably the most attractive feature that has led many funeral homes to a working relationship with Rudez. Our professional approach, attention to detail and customer feedback has undoubtedly contributed to our continued growth with these business relationships. What often begins as a trial period to evaluate the benefits that our organization can bring to yours; has cultivated into Rudez Granite & Bronze becoming the preferred vendor of choice for local funeral homes. In this day and age, a valuable business relationship is more than an expectation; it is our commitment to you.

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