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Custom Creations Case Study

In early 2008, the family of Leonard Bailey, Jr. came to Rudez Granite & Bronze looking for a way to memorialize their late husband and father who had passed away on September 12, 2007. Mr. Bailey, who was chief of the local fire department, died tragically in the line of duty while responding to a fire call in the early morning hours. In addition to his role as the local fire chief, Mr. Bailey also owned and operated Lenny’s VW Shop, a garage specializing in servicing and repairing Volkswagen automobiles.

Upon their initial visit, the Bailey family had no idea as to the type of memorial that would be most suitable to honor their late husband and father. They were uncertain about the granite color, the size, the style, the finish and, for the most part, many other decisions relating to the creation of a memorial. They did, however, know two things. First, they wanted to pay tribute and somehow incorporate Mr. Bailey’s lifelong devotion to the fire department into the memorial design. Second, they wanted to recognize his dedication to his business and lifelong trade of servicing Volkswagen vehicles.

After several visits and consultations with our professional staff, it was determined that a deep red granite would be most suitable for this memorial symbolic of the deep red color associated with fire trucks. It also became apparent that the primary theme of the memorial would revolve around Mr. Bailey’s dedication and service to his Volkswagen business. Lastly, his status as fire chief in the community and his lifelong association with the fire department should be a central part of the final memorial.

With the thoughts and discussions with the Bailey family in mind, our design team went to work. We requested the Volkswagen Beetle Model Car that the family had mentioned in one of the prior consultations. We requested information about the fire department in which Mr. Bailey was the chief. From that point forward, the Bailey family entrusted Rudez to formulate a conceptual design that would be the basis of the final memorial. What you will see below is the ability of our professional staff to utilize CAD Design to transform simple thoughts and ideas into a highly personal, beautiful and everlasting memorial.

Custom Creations Case Study

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