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Cemetery Operations Division

The Rudez Cemetery Operations Division was developed as a “one call” solution to many common issues that local cemeteries face on a daily basis. Rising cremation rates, significant increases in the cost of labor and raw materials, finding and retaining reliable employees or subcontractors, shrinking profit margins and the ominous state of the economy have caused many businesses to reevaluate their current direction and whether or not they are well positioned for future success.
The Rudez family traces its roots in the cemetery business to 1928 and the monument and memorial business to 1958. In addition, our owner is a third generation licensed funeral director whose family has been involved in the funeral business since 1927. Our experience over the past 83 years has allowed us to personally witness the trends within the industry. We know the history of the cemetery and funeral business, we deal with the current practices on a daily basis and we believe that our foresight into inevitable changes will leave us well positioned in the future.
Many smaller cemeteries have become accustomed to a growing list of subcontractors or third party suppliers that are necessary for earth, mausoleum or columbarium interments. Are you tired of making separate telephone calls to the grave digger, vault companies, tent supplier, foundation contractor, lawn care personnel and monument companies? If this sounds familiar, Rudez is your “one-call” solution. Below are the services that Rudez Cemetery Operations Division can provide to your cemetery:

  • Excavation for burial and/or cremation interments
  • Lowering devices for interments
  • Tent setup for funeral and/or memorial services
  • Foundation layouts and inspections
  • Excavation and pouring of concrete foundations
  • Granite and bronze memorial sales
  • Granite and bronze memorial installations
  • Memorial cleaning, straightening and resetting
  • Veterans marker installations
  • Memorial sandblasting and engraving
  • Lawn care, cemetery ground maintenance and snow removal

The above list has been designed to increase the continuity and efficiency of the daily operations of your cemetery business. While some of the services listed above may seem appealing, others may not. It is important to remember that we will work with each cemetery to customize a business relationship that fits your needs. Whether you decide upon one, several or all of the service options, you will be working with a company that, for more than 50 years, has built their reputation on hard work, dedication and customer service. In this day and age, a valuable business relationship is more than an expectation; it is our commitment to you.
Should you have any questions, or would like to open a dialogue regarding the benefits that Rudez Cemetery Operations Division can bring to your business, please contact Tony or Kevin at 412-384-4410.

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