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CAD Design

Computer-aided design, also known as CAD, is the use of computer technology for the process of design and design-documentation. CAD software provides the user with input-tools for the purpose of streamlining design, drafting, documentation, and manufacturing processes. CAD output is often in the form of electronic files for print or machining operations.

Many granite manufacturers’ and quarries utilize CAD software in the design and fabrication of a granite memorial. However, many memorial retailers, and even the customer, do not participate in this critical stage of memorial design. Sadly, it is not uncommon for consumers to make a purchase that might costs thousands of dollars and all they have to show upon leaving a retailer’s office is something that may resemble the following:

The selection of a monument is indeed a specialized purchase. At Rudez Granite & Bronze, not only do we keep the memorial selection process as comfortable and low pressure as possible, we also encourage you to be highly involved in the actual creation. Your active participation in the CAD phase will ensure that your selections are an accurate portrayal of the person’s life. Most importantly, you can view these selections taking shape on a large, wall mounted, flat screen television.

The CAD system utilized at Rudez is one of the finest available in the memorial industry. This system gives our customers the most modern, up-to-date capabilities by offering unlimited styles, shapes, tops, finishes, carvings and lettering styles. While many of these decisions are never easy, your thoughts, ideas and personal touch will come to life right before your eyes. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Our knowledgeable staff will offer assistance in putting together a finalized comprehensive design while always keeping your thoughts and budget in mind. Quite often, several proofs are created for you to review based on your ideas, input and active participation in the computer-aided design. The final product most certainly will be an everlasting tribute recognizable by your own personal touch.

Please visit our Custom Creations Case Study to see how Rudez can utilize CAD Design to transform a simple thought or idea into a highly personal and beautiful memorial.

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