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Advance Planning

The death of a loved one can be the most difficult and traumatic experience of a person’s life. In order to relieve your family of the emotional and financial burden associated with creating a memorial, Rudez Granite & Bronze can properly assist you with purchasing a memorial in advance. With this in mind, consider the following advantages:

Inflation-proof purchase
A memorial purchased at today’s costs relieves survivors of a financial burden and ultimately provides additional financial security to your loved ones. Like anything else, a memorial will cost less now than in years to come.

Relieve survivors of an emotional burden
The purchase of a memorial involves a number of decisions that all too often are left to surviving loved ones in their time of grief.

Express your own wishes
A personalized memorial design, which you can help to create, will preserve your memories and remain a focal point for future generations.

Peace of mind
The decision to purchase a memorial in advance is becoming more popular with each passing year. While many people remain uncomfortable with the idea of death and dying, it is a fact of life that all of our families will face. When this time comes, shouldn’t you be prepared? Ultimately, your family will thank you for planning ahead with Rudez Granite & Bronze

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