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Bronze Memorials

When a bronze memorial is chosen to commemorate a life, Rudez is proud to offer a diverse selection of sizes, styles and designs. Like granite, there are virtually no limitations when designing a bronze memorial. Bronze memorials are most commonly used at memorial park cemeteries or other sites that require the use of a flat burial marker. All bronze memorials are handcrafted and cast using modern technology to produce superior quality.
Bronze memorials are available in individual or companion styles and can be complemented with the use of a matching vase. Most often, bronze memorials are affixed to either a concrete or granite backer to ensure the structural integrity of the bronze plaque. Names and dates can be cast in a variety of different typefaces or fonts. Further personalization includes the use of optional colors, border styles, emblems, photographs, epitaphs and themes.
The beauty of bronze and the process of personalizing this type of memorial can be seen in the design gallery below.

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