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Nothing compares to the unique beauty of natural stone. Granite is a natural stone that is composed of a combination of minerals, most recognizably quartz. Quartz is well known for its hardness and ability to resist erosion. For this reason, granite is an everlasting material that will withstand the test of time in virtually any environment. Granite is used for monuments due to its durability, hardness and natural beauty.

Granite comes from quarries, which are open-pit mines from which rocks or minerals are extracted. Rudez offers an extensive line of granites that are quarried from all over the world. Our domestic line of granites come from Vermont, Georgia, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Imported granites are quarried in Canada, India, China, Africa, Norway and Brazil.

Granite memorials are usually constructed in several different styles: flat, bevels, slants, uprights and benches. The color of each memorial may range from a brilliant white to the deepest black. Because of its origins in nature, granite contains color and pattern variations that make each memorial truly unique.

Please visit any of the memorial design galleries to examine the wide range of options that are available when selecting a granite memorial.

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