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Selecting from Home

Modern technology and our comprehensive website have allowed more and more customers the ability to select a memorial from the comforts of their own home. As you may have already noticed, this website contains a wealth of information that allows family members and friends from other areas of the country to educate themselves about memorials, the various options and the overall selection process. In conjunction with regular telephone consultations and emails, it is not uncommon for our staff to never personally meet with the client. Although this is not our preferred method of memorial design, it is a convenient option for family members that may live out of the immediate area or other areas of the country.

To select a memorial from home, simply visit our website Design Center. Here, you will find all of the options to consider when purchasing a granite memorial. In addition, many of the options covered in this section can be seen on actual monuments in our Online Gallery. Once you have examined and feel comfortable with the decisions that need to be made to create your own personalized memorial, simply fill out the Request an Estimate form and submit to our office via the website. One of our memorial counselors will then contact you within twenty-four hours to review your submission and discuss your preferences in great detail.

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