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Frequently Asked Questions

What material will be used to construct my memorial?
At Rudez, we use granite to construct all of our memorials. Granite is a product that is well known for its hardness and ability to resist erosion. For this reason, granite is an everlasting material that will withstand the test of time in virtually any environment. In essence, granite is used for monuments due to its durability, hardness and natural beauty. Bronze is the second most common material used. The decision to use bronze is most often dictated by cemetery requirements or family preference.

Are there different colors of granite?
Yes. Our granite is quarried all over the world and comes in a wide variety of colors ranging from a brilliant white to the deepest black. Please visit our Granite Colors section to view the wide range of color options that are available at Rudez.

Is one type of granite better than another?
Granite is the second hardest substance known to man only behind a diamond. This tough, durable rock will withstand the test of time in virtually any environment. Any granite supplied by Rudez is rich in quartz and feldspar, making it more durable than other types of granite.

How long will it take to fabricate my memorial?
The length of time between the purchase of a memorial and installation usually depends upon the type of granite selected, the style and the overall scope of the project. Basic flat markers can be produced in less than three weeks while larger projects, such as sculptures, may take as long as six months. Whatever the case may be, all of the memorials constructed by Rudez receive the same attention to detail and superior craftsmanship.

Do I have to wait a certain period of time before purchasing and installing a monument?
The simple answer to this question is that a monument should be purchased whenever the customer feels comfortable. It is important to remember that purchasing a memorial is a lengthy process that should be given careful consideration. More often than not, the accumulated time between customers finalizing a purchase, the fabrication of the memorial and installation at the cemetery has allowed the grave to settle and support a structurally sound concrete foundation.

What type of memorial is permitted at my cemetery?
Individual cemeteries have their own set of rules and regulations regarding monuments and markers. Depending upon the location of the grave within the cemetery grounds, you may encounter restrictions on the sizes and types of memorials that can be installed. This could severely limit your choices in memorial design. Every cemetery is unique and the regulations can change at any time. We are available to help you review these policies to ensure that any memorial you may choose will conform to specific cemetery regulations.

The cemetery says that they have to install the monument. Is this true?
No. Rulings of the Federal Court clearly state that it is illegal to restrict a monument company from installing a memorial in any cemetery as long as the company complies with the rules, regulations and any associated fees.

Is it better to purchase a memorial from a monument company, cemetery, or funeral home?
We’re sure you know our answer to this question. It is better to purchase your memorial from a monument company, specifically Rudez Granite & Bronze. Monument companies such as ours have the knowledge, understanding and resources to provide our customers with all of the tools necessary to create a meaningful tribute. In addition, our low pressure and professional approach to the memorial selection process reaffirms our commitment to a positive and educational experience. In most cases, cemeteries and funeral homes purchase their memorials from monument companies. These organizations are resellers who add an additional markup to the final price of the monument. Obviously, this leads to unnecessary, increased costs for you, the consumer.

Why Should I Purchase from a MBNA Retail Firm?
The Monument Builders of North America (MBNA) is a consumer protection organization that promotes fair and honest business practices in the memorial industry. As part of their membership in MBNA, members are required to sign a statement of policy, The Code of Good Practice. This is reassuring to many consumers because MBNA members are required to operate under the highest industry standards. In addition, MBNA members have the protection of the organizations’ Consumer Advocate Consultant who serves to enforce any unlawful or unethical cemetery acts. When you purchase a memorial from an MBNA member, you are assured of ethical, honest business practices from a retailer who is fully committed to the memorial industry. Rudez is proud to be a participating member of the MBNA.

How long has the MBNA been in existence?
The Monument Builders of North America was formed in 1906.

Can I have a photograph on my memorial?
Yes. Photographs can be included on any memorial and are usually done so with the use of etchings or porcelain photographs. Etched images are produced by either laser machines or by hand and imprinted directly into the stone. Most often, etchings are done only on black granite but, in some cases, can be completed on some darker granites. Porcelain photographs can be reproduced in black and white or color and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These can be affixed to any memorial as well as any color of granite. The use of photographs on a memorial is another way in which people choose to personalize a monument.

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