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Create A Legacy Design Guide

Throughout time, the creation of a monument has been the most common form of remembrance. Humanity has a need to remember and this is most often accomplished by erecting a monument or memorial. Monuments are everlasting structures that often serve as a focal point for family history. In essence, monuments have become a universal vehicle for commemorative expression. The design of any memorial is ultimately a way for us to express our feelings for a life that we remember, love, and respect. Thus, selecting an appropriate memorial is an important decision with many factors to consider.
Whether choosing a standard memorial, duplicating an existing memorial, selecting from our diverse showroom or creating your own personalized design, your options at Rudez are truly unlimited. In addition to standard styles, Rudez has become an industry leader in designing highly personalized memorials. Although there is no right or wrong way to design a memorial, we have found that the most satisfied customer is one that has personalized their memorial to truly reflect and pay tribute to the life of their loved one or friend. This personalization not only leaves the family with a lasting tribute, it tells the life story of the one that has been lost.
Our professional staff is here to listen, explain different options, and offer suggestions when needed. Our experience, knowledge and attention to detail will ultimately help in making your selections as meaningful as possible. Please click on the following guide that will offer assistance and information pertaining to designing and selecting an appropriate memorial.

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